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Gift Ideas For Your Grown Children


Now that we are smack dab in the middle of the holidays, you may be trying to think of some gift ideas that will please your family but won’t get dusty and take up space. My grown children have all the toys they need, and usually buy what they want. › continue reading.

Issues and Resources for Seniors in Raleigh-Durham

two senior citizens planning

There are many difficult and puzzling problems facing senior citizens today, including issues of health and finances and the determination to remain independent.  There are many places to look for solutions here in the Raleigh – Durham community.

Choosing Trusted Assistance:

The first step to assure that an elderly person › continue reading.

What is Medicaid? Can I Count On It?

medicaid symbol

Many people worry about how they will handle the expense of serious illness in their old age.  It is hard to know how to plan and how much money may be needed to provide care.  For many it is hard to save enough money to feel safe.  In addition to › continue reading.